What We Do

PROTEIN SOLUTIONS takes the guess work out of the equation. We know where the bones ($$$) are buried and how to help you dig them up. We assist in training your personnel in COP proteins. We furnish comprehensive Point of Sale material. We work with your sales team. We streamline your purchasing programs. We assist in targeting your marketing efforts and in negotiating contracts. Protein is your most expensive and least understood category.

"Control the Center of the Plate – Control the Account."

Who We Are

"PROTEIN SOLUTIONS is a company with over 150+ years combined experience in fulfilling the needs of today's discerning Chefs and frustrated distributors. We have been brokers, manufacturer representatives, owners, executive chefs, producers, educators and foodservice executives. We are HAACP Certified. We talk the talk because we have walked the walk. We have personally experienced and understand your challenges. Competition is so intense for your food dollar that companies are reducing costs where they realize the most immediate saving, quality people. The existing system has morphed where orders are determined and placed by computer'; with no or little human influence. You are besieged by sales representatives with a limited understanding of quality. Fortunately there are many professionals you deal with. They anticipate your needs, know your quality requirements and deliver on time.

"If You Can't Measure You Can't Manage"

How We Help

PROTEIN SOLUTIONS is not a packer, manufacturer, broker or distributor. And as such we are not obligated to any other company but yours. This allows us the freedom to act solely on your behalf in our negotiations to obtain and design the finest programs, with consistent products to your specifications, at the most cost effective levels in the market place today.

People interacting with people – What a concept!

Profitable, Quality Procurement and Marketing, Built on a “Foundation of Integrity” Separates the Industry Leaders from the Rest of the Herd.