The “Meat of Our Program”

Strategic SourcingProducts sourced with consideration for quality, availability and sustainability. Purchasing incentives, negotiated rebates, monthly/seasonal specials, promotions; all are profit ($$) opportunities.

 Long Term ContractsQuotes for firm commitments on specific products for extended periods.

Market Based PricingFormula based USDA or Yellow Sheet based pricing programs. Pricing delivered or FOB Manufacturer.

 Target MarketingSegment specific marketing; White Table Cloth, Mid-Scale and Casual Dining; Healthcare or Industrial, Menu mention, customer loyalty allowances.

Product Knowledge – Protein Orientation – Comprehensive hands on training, individual follow-up, appropriate Point of Sale material, training manuals, CD presentations, and individual seminars. Training programs designed for your specific needs.

Private LabelUSDA approved programs designed to your specifications.

Broker & Principal Management“Planned” principal and broker interaction with your sales force and your customer base is an underutilized tool in the industry. They have the tools ($$$) and the know how to grow your sales. They are your most economical and cost effective partner.

PROTEIN SOLUTIONS. We work with you and for you to grow profitability for your company with integrity.

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“Control Your Profitability, Don’t Let It Control You.”