“Of course you don’t have to serve veal, just like you don’t have to serve wine with a cork!”

Veal is becoming more popular as its protein, versatility and health benefits are being recognized by today’s health conscious consumer. Today’s humanely raised Veal today offers a versatile, profitable alternative to the progressive, profit oriented operator. Once touted as a high profile item for exclusive 5 star operators, veal today runs the gamut from 5 Stars to Sports Bars; from Healthcare to Home care. Veal, once considered as exclusive to “continental cuisine”, now is utilized in most all ethic menu applications. From European to Mediterranean, Hispanic to Asian; from white table cloth to casual “comfort” food, veal is not only a healthy alternative; it is proven itself as a welcome addition by your customers.

Add profit to your bottom line.

The choices are as endless as your imagination.

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